Stent Retriever

The world's smallest Stent Retriever

The world's smallest device (in terms of diameter),
Tron FX II nano (φ1.5mm × 15mm) has been added to the Tron FX series
which now covers a wide range of intracranial distal vascular treatment
(Φ1 mm to 5.5 mm) for acute ischemic stroke.
*Based on the survey results as of April 19, 2021


  1. 01 Extensive Lineup

    A wider variety of vessels from 1.0mm to 5.5mm

  2. 02 Improved Visibility

    By placing radiopaque markers in the central part of the stent, it is easy to see the deployment of the stent and the shape of the blood vessel

    Enlarged image of the radiopaque markers

    X-ray fluoroscopic image of the radiopaque markers

  3. 03 Smooth Delivery
    & Retraction

    Resistance is decreased during delivery and retraction due to the low friction material on the pusher wire
    Tron FX and Tron FX II: pusher wire comparison



  • SFT-1.5-15

  • SFT-2-15

  • SFT-4-20

  • SFT-4-40

  • SFT-6-50

Product Profile

Tron FX Thrombectomy Device
Thrombectomy Device
Authorization Number
Intended Use
This device is designed to remove thrombus by neurovascular mechanical revascularization to restore blood flow in patients’ blood vessels within 8 hours after symptoms onset. (Approved by Japan MHLW)
Manufacturer & Distributor
Biomedical Solutions Inc.

Tron FX is a trademark of Biomedical Solutions Inc.

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